These are a few systems we use to better the ventilation in the facilities we build.

Cool Cell Systems

This is the system we use to pump the water into the cool cells. It is a normal pool pump.
This is a cool cell chamber used for attic ventilation. The air is pulled from the cool cells and up into the attic and dropped down into the rooms.
This is our extend system. This system is on the outside of the barn instead of on the inside.
This is set up almost the same but just the system is outside, versus inside a cool cell chamber.
Another view of the plumbing of the extend system.

Sliding Inlets

Please take a look at how our sliding inlet system works.

This system replaces the luvers in farrowing rooms. The white panels at the bottom will roll up on a pulley system ran by a hand winch.
Close up of the panel. Another advantage of this system is the thickness of paneling. When moving animals, it does not stick out very far so the animals don’t hit their shoulders on the metal covering.


Here are some of fans used on a facility. These fans are crucial to our ventilation systems.

Trailer Fan Bank

This is a fan bank that is mandatory by JBS Pork. This is set up next to where the trailer will back up to the load out. This helps keep the pigs cool while on the trailer.
This is a close up of one stand of the fan bank.

Positive Pressure Facilities

This design is for filtered barns that want to pull air into the barn and push it through filters to give the barn very clean air.

This is a view of the filters that filter the air as it is being pulled into the barn.
These are the pre-filters that filter the air before it actually goes into the main filter.
Positive pressure fans that pull the air into the facility.
Outside view of the filter banks.
Inside looking at the cool cell chamber with the pre-filters.