Please take a look at some pictures of an office we built.

This is a storage room built near the office.
This is a boot wash where you wash your boots before you come back into the office. There also is a bathroom right here for easier access while working.
A view of the entrance to the storage and some cabinets.
This is the main eating part of the office. The door to the left goes to the showers and the door to the right goes to the farm managers office.
More cabinets and view of where the eating tables will be.
This is our standard shower. We sink the floor in for better draining and we add a shelf above the shower to set towels and other items on there as well.
This is the shower exits into the office. The washers and dryers would also be right here as well as a table to fold the clean clothes.

Floor plans for office

Overview of a small office with one shower.
A larger office with six showers and lots of storage and a boot wash area.
Overview of smaller office with five showers.
An overview of a very plain office and six showers.
Another overview of a normal sized office.