Please take a look at some different gestation buildings that our company has recently built. If you have any questions, please refer to our contact us page.


Here is a picture of the stainless steel trough that we install in our gestation buildings.
This is a picture of one of our framing crews swinging and setting trusses to the gestation barn.

Gestal Electronic Feeding Station

Gestal makes a free access open style penning feeding station that reads an ear chip and determines how much feed to give to the sow.

When the sow walks into the feeding station, the gate will close behind her so that no other sows can walk in behind her.
When the sow is finished eating, she will back out and the gate will open so she can get out of the feeding station.
This is the brain of the Gestal Electronic Feeding Station. This is where the information is held of each sow that walks into the stall and the brain knows how much feed to give each sow.
This is the screen of the brain and it tells what the device name is and what pen it is in. It also tells the last sow fed, what time and how much feed was fed to the sow.

Maximus Electronic Feeding Station


Floor Plans for Gestation Barn