Our gating options are very flexible. Please contact us if you have any gating needs that could be fulfilled by our products!

Free Access Electronic Feeding System Gating


This gating is for the Maximus free access electronic feeding system.
Overview of the Maximus system penning.
Another view of the Maximus system.
This gating is for a Gestal free access electronic feeding system. There is a slight opening in the middle of the pen, this is to make walking pens easier.
The gates that come into the middle of the pen are to reduce aggression between animals.
Another view of the penning of the Gestal system.
This type of latch on the gating makes it very difficult for the animals to get the gates open.
There is a walkway in between the feeding stations to monitor the eating and brains of the system.

Farrowing Crate Gating


This is an oil rubbed farrowing crate with cast and plastic flooring.
This is a hot dipped galvanized farrowing crate with cast and plastic flooring.
Overview of a farrowing room.
This is the rear view of a farrowing crate. The back of the crate flips all the way to the top, that way its completely out of the way.

Gestation Stall Gating


Front view of an oil dipped gestation stall.
View looking towards the front of a hot dipped galvanized gestation stall.
View of overlooking a row of stalls.
View of a walkway in the rear of a row of gestation stalls. This barn was cross ventilated with the cool cells on one side and the fans on the other pulling the cool air across the barn.

GDU/ Finishing Gating


This is a gilt developer unit in a large scale internal multiplier facility.
View of a gilt developer unit.
This is also a gilt developer unit. These have one way gates in them preparing the animals for a Nedap facility.
Another view of the gilt developer unit.
This is gating in a finishing facility. We now design our gating to be able to make very large walkways to make it easier to move animals.
Overview of a finishing facility.
View of the pens with feeders.

Nursery and Isolation Gating

This latch is the same one used on our finishing gating.
This is a holding or isolation room.
This the entry to a nursery room. This is a two pen nursery room and you can fill or empty whichever pen you need to.

Chase Gates

Chase gates are an 180 degree turning gate. This makes it very easy to move pigs where you need them.