We have a variety of different flooring used in different areas of a facility. Here are some pictures to show you the flooring we use.

Cast and Plastic in Farrowing Rooms


Farrowing crate flooring where the baby pigs spend their time.
This is a full view of the cast and flooring together.
Another view of the draft panel flooring.
This plastic is set up a little differently. They are set up horizontally instead of vertically.
A view of the flooring being put in before the framing and trusses is installed.
This is flooring in a nursery room.

Woven wire and Cast in Farrowing Rooms


This is woven wire and cast that would be in a farrowing crate. This is a large draft panel underneath the crate to prevent large drafts on the baby pigs.
View of a large farrowing room with woven wire and cast flooring.
Another view of a farrowing room flooring.

Concrete Slats in Gestation and GDU


This is concrete slatted flooring in the gestation pens.
Concrete slatted floors in a Gilt Developer Unit.
Concrete slatted floors in a finishing facility.
Another view of the concrete slats in a finishing facility.
Close up of the concrete slats.
This is training section of a building with concrete slats.