Feed Systems

Here are few pictures of different feeding systems we have installed.

 AP Chain Disk 

This is the motor of an AP Chain Disk system.
Another view of the AP Chain disk.
This is the corner wheel of the AP Chain Disk. This helps spin and move the chain.
This is where the chain disk is going into the motor and feed is getting dropped into the feed tube.
AP Chain Disk motor.
These springs help move the chain over very long distance.

Electronic Feeding Systems

This is the Maximus Electronic Feeding Station. This uses the AP Chain Disk system to drop the feed into the tubes above the stations.
Another view of the Maximus feeding stations.
This is the Gestal Electronic Feeding Stations. This also uses AP Chain Disk to drop the feed into the holders above the stations.
View of the penning for the free access of the Gestal stations.
This is the brain of the Gestal. This is where you can control each of the stations and read what each sow has ate.
The gates that stick out into the middle of the pen help reduce fighting between sows which leads to more relaxed eating.
SIde view of the Gestal feeding station.

Cablevey Systems

This is the Cablevey system. This system is ran by cable that moves the feed into individual boxes that allow all your sows to eat at the same time.
We lift the ceiling where the Cablevey system goes so it doesn’t hang low and get in the way of the workers.
This is a picture of the sock that guides the feed into the feed tube in the gestation stall.
This is the holding box for the feed. You can determine how many pounds of food each sow needs in this box.