Please take a look at videos and pictures of some of our recent farrowing units our company has built.


These videos are 3D videos of some of the different farrowing crates we create and the different features each one offers. All of our crates are custom made. If there is something that you would like to add or change about one of our crates, we are very flexible in designing the crate to be exactly what you want!

Drop Back Farrowing Crate with Fingers

Arch Style Farrowing Crate

Kruger Style Farrowing Crate

Please let us know if you have any questions about these videos or pictures!

This is a picture of a deep pit farrowing barn near Pittsfield, Illinois. These are very rare to see as the columns must be pre-made to be able to hold the walkways in between the farrowing crates.
This deep pit farrowing barn is unique because the same columns that hold up the walkways are the same as the sidewalk above that the workers, sows, and baby pigs walk on.
This is picture of the more common shallow pit farrowing buildings.
This shows a view of the deep pit pump outs in the pit.
This is another shot at the shallow pit farrowing building.
Farrowing crate flooring.
This style also features a strong Delphi panel versus using the MSW plastic.
This flooring is woven wire flooring with a draft panel for the baby pigs and cast for the sow.
This is a large farrowing room with cast and woven wire flooring for the piglets.
This is a farrowing crate featuring tribar flooring.
Another view of the farrowing crate with tribar.
This is a view of the feeder on the head gate.
Close up of the tribar flooring.
This is inside a completed farrowing room.

A view of two fully put together crates side by side.

Farrowing room with Oil-Rubbed finish on the farrowing crates.

Floor plans for Farrowing Rooms

This is an addition to a barn with two rows of farrowing crates.
Deep pit farrowing barn.
Four room farrowing house.
This is a 2 room farrowing house
Overview of a large farrowing house.