Win Win custom designs both the heating and cooling systems to fit your needs.

Negative Pressure Facilities

Negative pressure systems can be filtered or non-filtered.  This is the industry’s most common practice and is more economical.  There are several options to negative ventilate: tunnel, cross, or attic.

Positive Pressure Facilities

Positive pressure systems are almost always filtered. A smart control is required. Normally the fans pressurize the attic and exhaust air out the walls with backdraft protection.

Cool Cell Systems

Cool cell systems cool the air from 5-30 degrees below ambient temperature depending on relative humidity, and can be used in any type of ventilation.


The brand is your choice. We will design the facility to meet your CFM/sow requirements.

Inlet Types:

  • Ceiling
    • Static
    • Actuated
  • Wall
    • Static
    • Sliding

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