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At Win-Win LLC we strive to provide livestock industry-leading performance in the construction areas of engineering, siting, designing, equipment, and construction planning services.

Each project and situation is viewed with a “Win – Win” attitude. Communication is the first and most important step in creating our “Win – Win” scenario. Customers are always viewed as our #1 priority!

From small units to large breed through finishing projects, Win-Win is responsible for everything related to the success of the project, including:

– The design of confinement facilities
– The design & manufacturing of confinement equipment
– Project and marketing management
– Inception through completed construction
– Direct labor and sub-contractors
– And more


JBS Marketing News

Below is a news update on the JBS situation in Brazil. By Anna Flávia Rochas on 7/27/2017   JBS S.A. has called a shareholders meeting for Sept. 1 to evaluate the future of the company’s management, after members of the family controlling the meat processor revealed in May their participation in a corruption scandal. JBS shareholder BNDESPar, the investment arm …

Gestal Video

This is an informational video produced by Gestal. Please take a look at their impressive work. This is a free access feeding station. The sows can go in and eat when they are hungry and leave when they are ready. Watch the video to see for yourself! (Gestal owns all rights to this video. Win-Win …

Kruger Farrowing Crate

The video below explains the different pieces included in our Kruger style farrowing crate.  This crate is fully customizable, if you see something you wish to change on your crates, feel free to reach out to us! Do not hesitate to let us know if you see things you really like as well!


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